Let's register!

Using the USA Gymnastics Reservation System to complete a meet registration is a two step process that we have streamlined to be as efficient as possible. You must first complete a USA Gymnastics Reservation then complete a MeetMaker meet registration based on the USA Gymnastics Reservation. Here is the process:

Video Instructions: CLICK HERE

  1. On MeetMaker, ensure you have entered your USA Gymnastics Club Number on the My Account page under Sanction Organizations. This is the key that links a Reservation to a MeetMaker account.

Find the meet you would like to register for on MeetMaker and click the Register button or link. Please see meet links below for your convenience. 

Female Athletes:

Male Athletes:

  1. If the Meet Director has linked this meet to a USA Gymnastics Sanction you will see the following button that will take you to the USA Gymnastics Reservation System to complete a Reservation

  2. Once you enter your USA Gymnastics Reservation, return to MeetMaker, login or click refresh, and you will see a new alert.

  3. Click the Alerts window link to be taken to the Alerts page where you will see any pending Reservations that need to be processed into meet registrations. You can expand the Reservation to see the participants included. Click the Process button to process the Reservation.

  4. Once you click the Process button for a Reservation, one of three things will happen based on what actions are included in the Reservation – “Add”, “Update”, and/or “Scratch”:

    • You will be taken to the MeetMaker Meet Registration page to complete your registration. Your gymnasts and coaches will already be pre-selected and you can edit any option fields available. You will then continue through the normal MeetMaker registration process adding teams if applicable and making your registration payment. This occurs when you have at least one “Add” in your Reservation.

    • You will be taken directly to the MeetMaker payment page to pay for any level change fees due. This occurs when you have no “Add” entries but do have an “Update” entry that represents a level change and additional fees are due for the new level.

    • You will receive a message saying your Reservation has been successfully processed. This occurs when you have no “Add” entries but have “Update” entries that require no additional fees for a level change and/or “Scratch” entries that require no additional interactions and the updates are made automatically for you.

  5. Once your Reservation is processed it will be removed from the Alerts page automatically.

Need to remove a gymnast from a reservation?

  1. Login to USAGYM.org

  2. Click Member Services

  3. Click Club Admin

  4. Click Meet Reservations

  5. Click the name of the meet

  6. Scroll down click MODIFY

  7. A pop-up box will appear click CANCEL RESERVATION

  8. Select the gymnast to cancel

  9. Click SUBMIT

  10. Find the pop-up box again (you might have to scroll up or down to find it)

  11. Click Finished (at the bottom)

  12. Click OK

  13. Make sure the gymnast is canceled then click SUBMIT at the bottom of the reservation

  14. Click OK

  15. Click OK [Successfully sent revised meet reservation details for sanction xxxxx and club xxxxxxxxx. (xxxxx) to MeetMaker.]

  16. Login to MeetMaker and then PROCESS the ALERT to complete the resevrvation UPDATES or ADDS