Let's register!

360 Sports is utilizing online registration through meetmaker.com. In order to register for our competitions, please read the information below and follow the links to the MeetMaker website. 

Note: The information that is provided to 360 Sports by MeetMaker is our official meet record.

Scratching a gymnast:

  1. Make the scratch in MeetMaker.
  2. Email Rhonda at rc@360sports.events informing her of the scratch. Also, include in your email if scratching this gymnast does not give you enough gymnasts for the team entry.

Level Change / Correction:

  1. Make the change/correction in MeetMaker.
  2. Email Rhonda at rc@360sports.events informing her of the change/correction.

Adding a gymnast:

  1. Make the addition in MeetMaker. Make sure if you have a team for the level that you are adding the gymnast to, you add to the team designation as well.
  2. Email Rhonda at rc@360sports.events informing her of the addition to your roster and team.

Late entry after registration date:

  1. Make the Late Entry in MeetMaker. In MeetMaker it will tell you that your meet entry request is pending approval.
  2. Email Rhonda at rc@360sports.events and inform her that you are wishing to enter a gymnast into the meet after the registration for the meet has closed.

If you have any questions or problems please email Rhonda at rc@360sports.events

Doctors notes:

Doctors notes can be scanned and emailed to rc@360sports.events or can be mailed prior to the first day of the meet to the following address:

360 Sports Events

1901 N. 2703 Road

Ottawa IL, 61350

Registration Procedure:

  1. AAU entries need to be typed into MeetMaker.
  2. Once your roster is created in MeetMaker, it is there for your use.
  3. For Assistance: MeetMaker Support

Female Athlete Registration:

Male Athlete Registration: